history Luigi Bonelli was born in Partanna in 1858 from a noble and rich family and died in 1916.

In 1902 a knighthood on him was conferred as a great worker “Cavaliere del Lavoro”, in fact, during his life, he distinguished himself both in working activities and in family affections, particularly towards his wife, since he had no children.
Bonelli’s trading history began in 1878 in Partanna (in the “Valle del Belice”) where the young Luigi, a 20-year old boy, besides devoting himself to the management of his estate with great care and with love, he also started trading Sicilian products: olive oil, almonds and pecorino cheese.

“BONELLI brand, are going to be 100 years old, which is a guarantee for consumers and a prestige for the company itself, to be the BONELLI brand manufacturer in Partanna and one of the biggest Olive oil exporting company in Sicily.