Sicilian Cassata

Preparation Times: 3 hours - Difficulty: High
Makes 6 servings


Ingredients to make the ricotta cheese filling:

400 gr. of Sponge-cake - 500 gr. of ricotta cheese - 300 gr. of sugar - 50 gr. of zuccata - 100 gr. of fusing chocolate - 1/2 pocket of vanilla - 250 gr. of paste of Almonds (cook according card Paste of Almonds) - green food dyes


Take a stamp of 6 cm of height and 28/30 cm of diameter. Prepare the Sponge-cake (cook according card "Cake of Sponge-cake"). To make the ricotta cheese filling: combine the ricotta cheese, sugar, vanilla, pieces of chocolate, pieces of candied fruit and stir constantly. Roll out the paste of almond of the thickness of 5 mm and cut it to rectangles of the height of the stamp and of width of 4 cm. Cover the edges of the stamp alternating the paste of almonds with the Sponge-cake. To the bottom of the stamp place a layer of Sponge-cake. Therefore put in it the ricotta cheese filling and cover with another layer of Sponge-cake. Dry, turn it over a servings platters and decorate with the candid fruit and the zuccata. Cover finally with icing sugar (Cook according card of the "ERICINI").

Enjoy Your Meal!