Preparation Times: 2 hours - Difficulty: Medium
Makes 6 servings



8 long eggplants - 400 gr. of sauce of tomato - 250 gr. of white olives in pickling brine - 1 stem of celery - 150 gr. of salting capers - 2 onions -a lot of basil - 40 gr. of sugar - a lot of vinegar salt and oil of best-quality


Cut the eggplants to dices without to eliminate the peel and let stand in salt-water for an hour. Drain, dry and fry it in a pot with abundant oil. Dice the celery and boil in salt-water. Place the olives stoneless for ten minutes in warm water. In the meantime cook the sauce with 400 gr. of mature tomatoes, two small onions and basil. Brown in a pot with oil, the olives, the capers and the celery. Then add the tomato sauce and flavour with the vinegar and the sugar. Toss with the fried eggplants. Cool. Serve the “Caponata” in a serving platters.

Enjoy Your Meal!