Sfinci of San Giuseppe

Preparation Times: 2 hours - Difficulty: Medium
Makes 4 servings



1/2 litre of water - 500 gr. of flour - 1/2 peel of lemon -100 gr. of lard - 7 eggs -salt - 10 gr. of sugar - 500 gr. of cream of ricotta cheese - candied orange - icing sugar - 30 gr. of zuccata cut in pieces bitter chocolate - 30 gr. of chopped pistachio nuts skinless.


Boil the salt-water, with the peel of lemon and the sugar and after some minute remove from heat. Add the flour, the lard, and one by one the eggs. Stir until to the dough will be detach from the edges of the pot and cool. Fry in the hot seed oil and lard, until browned. Place on a sheet of blotting paper to eliminate the superfluous oil.

Please note: the cream puffs must have one hole in the centre. In order to obtain that, while they fry, beaten it with a fork.

Filling and Decoration: Combine cream of ricotta cheese, the zuccata and the chocolate; with this cream, fill up the cream puffs, through the hole and cover the advanced part with the same cream. Decorate with the candied orange and dredge of icing sugar and the chopped pistachio nuts.

Enjoy Your Meal!