Preparation Times: 75 minutes - Difficulty: Medium
Makes 4 servings



400 gr. of rice -1/2 packet of saffron -150 gr. of minced meat of veal -1/2 canned tomatoes -100 gr. of peas -6 eggs -75 gr. of grated caciocavallo cheese (kind of cheese from Southern Italy) -salt and pepper to taste -seed oil for fry -100 gr. of butter -300 gr. of bread crumbs.


Cook the rice and, drain. Add the saffron, 3 eggs, half of the butter and cool. Cook the peas, drain and saute it in the remained butter. In an other small pot, brown the chopped onion, add the meat, salt and pepper to taste, the breaking up tomatoes and cook over to low fire, keep the pot cover. When the ragout will be ready, mix it to the peas and begin the preparation of the arancini: take a few of the combine made with the rice and give it a vessel form, pour in it a few of filling, a few of caciocavallo cheese and cover with other rice, forming one ball. Dredge the arancini in flour, then in beaten eggs salty, therefore in the bread crumbs. Fry it in abundant oil.

Enjoy Your Meal!