Sicilian Cannoli

Preparation Times: 2 hours - Difficulty: high
Makes 4 servings



150 gr. of powedered chocolate - 150 gr. of flour - 15 gr. of butter - 1 egg -270 gr. of sugar - Marsala - 1 spoon of stark - 1 glass of milk - 500 gr. of ricotta cheese - pieces of chocolate - pistachio nuts - orange candied peel - icing sugar - Oil of best-quality.


Work the flour, the cacao, 20 gr. of butter, 1 egg, the sugar and add the Marsala. Make anhomogenous paste that let stand for an hour. After that, to roll out it and obtained some squares of 12 cm in both side and wrap diagonally around tin tubes. Bathed the extremities and press until to stick. Fry in abundant oil. Dry and cool, before removing from the tubes with much cure. Combine the ricotta cheese, the starch, coagulated in the glass of milk, the sugar, the pieces of pistachio nut, and the pieces of chocolate. Fill the “cannoli” with the combine. Decorated every single “cannolo” with the orange candied peel and dusted with icing sugar.

Enjoy Your Meal!